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Friends 4 Japan


We are glad to invite all people interested to attend to this talent-loaded evening with world-class performers. Thanks to Cindy Yip who is very active in the organization of the event and all other volunteers, musicians, dancers and friends this event is ready to go!

To download this invitation in PDF format please click here. Japanese version of the poster in PDF available here.


We have 9 shows and other activities confirmed for this event. Some of the artists are of professional level, but most important, all of them with the same devotion to help and the same passion for the arts!

Please find below the even program


We have already donated half of the proceeds to MSF (Doctors without borders) Canada, receipt posted below.

The other half has been submitted by cheque to the Canadian Red Cross (Needed to do so since one of our sponsors gave us a cheque), and the receipt and letter of recognitions should arrive soon.

Thank you everyone. This donation was made possible though volunteers, artists, organizers, and most important, attendants to the events and external donors and sponsors, included bank of Montreal, FMC law and the Argentine Tango Club of UofT. Please follow this section for more news.

About the venue

Hart House is a gorgeous building located at the core of the University of Toronto. It gives you the impression of being inside a castle. Come and enjoy the delight of its architecture while in the show. If you want to know more about the venue please click this link

To get there is very easy, and to make it easier we have included a map for you here. The building is fully accessible, and offers several parking options





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