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Jorge SilvaMedia Manager (Video)
Cindy YipPublic Moderator
Diego BonillaMedia Manager (Audio)
Jorge ArceLogistics Coordinator
Natalie OlivaLogistics Coordinator
Madalina PopaFinancial Manager / Organizer
Samantha CoutuFinancial Manager
AdamMaster of Ceremonies
Carolina RouleauAmbient Musical Director
Hugo bonillaOrganizer
Lucila Torres-SolisArt work


The event was a great success. We received contributions not only during the event, but also from overseas. We received as well donations from people who did not attend the event, but generously contributed anyway.

After some post-event donations, and even a few coins that I found on the floor, the donations ascended to $1549.11 Canadian Dollars. The proceeds of Friends 4 Haiti have been already donated to the selected institutions.

I have to apologize for not being able to make a donation to Architecture for Humanity. This organization was in the list of organizations suggested by the organizers and performers. Nevertheless, although there is a Canadian chapter for this organization, they don't seem to handle donations and to rely instead on their headquarters on the United States. Since the donations were made in Canadian dollars, and we wanted to benefit from the paired donations announced by the Government of Canada, we assigned the donation, originally destined to Architecture for Humanity, to the second place winner in the voting, which was Unicef.

I attach here the images of the donation receipts. Since this web site is open to the public I had to cross out my address. Feel free to contact such institutions with the receipt ID if you have any concern.

Also, since the taxes can be claimed and I don't want to make any profit out of it I just thought that if there's any tax return due to this, I will try to buy a sheep or any other kind of cattle for a family in need if any return is available. Please feel free to ask about it after we file tax returns. If you want to participate in the donation process and give ideas, please feel free to contact me!

Find attached below the images of interest.

Thank you again, Jorge


The word "proceedings" has been corrected to "proceeds". Thank you Rebecca :)

Update, September 2010

If you recall, Friends 4 Haiti promised to donate the taxes recovered to a charitable institution. The time to make that donation arrived. On September 20, 2010 Friends 4 Haiti donated a hundred dollars to the international relief fund for Medicins sans frontieres.

The receipt is attached below.

I would like to thank again all the people that made this possible.





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