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Easy Mesh

This project was developed to create a web based user interface to allow users with basic network knowledge to configure a mesh network for sharing internet connections in the city of Toronto, ON, Canada.

Wireless Nomad and professor Andrew Clement as a co-invertigator fot the Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project, responsible for the Wireless Nomad case study, have promoted the development of this project.

We decided to use the OpenWrt Linux distribution for embedded devices in WRT54g linksys routers. We took the package "webif" and modified it to our specific needs. We would like to make the package available to anyone interested. It is meant to be a substitution of such package (meaning "install instead of"). We are releasing this new version of the webif package preserving the same licensing as the original code, which was released under an open source initiative. For more information about the specific license please visit OpenWrt website.

The following package was developed for the White Rusian RC5 release of OpenWrt, for it's PPPoE distribution. You also need to install the OLSR package available in the OpenWrt repositories BEFORE installing our package.


One of the new features of this interface is that it provides a wizard for initial configuration in an easy way. To access such wizard, using any computer connected to the router, you should open the IP address of the router followed by "/wizard", so for instance, if your router has the IP address, you should open the following web address in your favourite web browser:

If you find this package useful, and you want to contribute to its development, please contact the author through the contact form provided.

This is an experimental package, use it at your own risk. We have tested it as thoroughly as possible. If you find any bugs, please report them to the author and you will help to make this package better!

Thank you, and happy meshing!





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